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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 17, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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the whole thing was a fake. bringing us to the glaring question, was this all a ploy to get sympathy or was te'o the victim of a very cruel and ugly hoax? nbc bay area's monte francis is live on the stanford campus now with the latest on this bizarre story, to say the least. monte, good morning. >> reporter: well, john, good morning. there are conflicting reports about whether this was strictly an online relationship or if the two ever actually met in person. but we can tell you officials here at stanford say there is no record of a student by the name of lennay kekua and students here are expressing their surprise about the hoax. on the stanford campus, everyone is talking about a stanford student who never walked these grounds. or attended class here. it turns out, she never even existed. the campus newspaper, "the stanford daily," summed it up this way. unreal. miles bennett smith is the paper's managing sports editor. >> one of the big things was, we were wondering how could we possibly have missed this?
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>> reporter: the "new york times" connected stanford to the name lennay kekua. he says he is dismayed they didn't fact-check the story earlier. >> if someone had told me manti te'o's girlfriend was a stanford grad i would say absolutely not. how would i not know anything about this. tragic car accident, leukemia, i would have wanted to write an article about that because it would be a great story. >> reporter: and yet another strange twist, our sister station in los angeles is reporting that there could be a connection to te'o's friend in palm dale and the friend may be implicated in the hoax. and just when you thought the story couldn't get anymore bizarre, someone claiming to be the girlfriend started sending tweets last night, saying that te'o would address questions about their relationship today. notre dame has said te'o was the victim of the hoax. smith bennett and others aren't
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so sure. >> as much as i believe this happens to people all the time, because i've seen it on tv, i don't think the general public will believe that and i think for the most part they'll rip him, which is kind of fair. >> reporter: and te'o has released a written statement that reads, quote, to realize that i was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was and is painful and humiliating. i hope that people can understand how trying and confusing this whole experience has been. in retrospect, i obviously should have been much more cautious. and te'o is expected to address the media in person. but so far there is no word on when that will happen. live in palo alto, monte francis, nbc bay area news. san jose police releasing a sketch of a suspect who nearly ripped a young girl out of her mother's arms. take a look at the sketch. investigators say this man tried to snatch the 2-year-old girl in her own front yard at a home in east san jose near wide and a
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born. the mom was able to wrestle the girl free and run back inside with her to call police. the mom says this man smelled like automotive oil. another attempted abduction, where police say this man here tried to kidnap a 3-year-old boy inside the great mall. it happened january 6th. the boy's mother cease the man took her son by the hand and then just started walking away with him. she quickly caught up and took her son back. the man is described as asian, about 55 years old. 5'6" with a pot belly. we have a warning now about a contagious bug as more than 100 students were sent home from school in lafayette. health experts now say the noreau virus may be to blame for the outbreak at burton valley elementary school. county health officials say this is the largest case this so far this year. last year, if you recall, nearly 30 schools in contra costa county reported similar cases. tens of thousands of documents revealing two decades
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of sexual abuse allegations within the boy scouts of america must now be turned over as part of a civil case, where a former scout claims the leader molested him back in 2007. the ruling by a southern california judge clears the way for about 12,000 pages of internal files to be made public if they are considered evidence in this case. the boy scouts tried to predevelopment the disclosure of documents but the state supreme court rejected its appeal earlier this movement the next hearing in this case is set for april. president obama now launching a campaign-style tour today backing his new gun control proposals. he's published an op-ed in connecticut newspapers pitching the more than $500 million plan. the president says he wants universal background checks, more research on mental health, and a thousand new school police officers and counselors. he's also asking congress to enact a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity manage
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magazines. harry reid says they will likely take up gun control early this year. and a controversial gun proposal in san jose. the city council will decide whether to require owners of assault weapons to store their guns at the police department. gun owners would have to give a reasonable explanation as to why they want to take their gun out of police storage and would have to let officers know when they plan to return it. a san jose lawyer drafted the proposed ordinance and then submitted the plan to the city's rules and open government committee. that committee will take up the issue next wednesday, because the mayor right now is in washington, d.c. and telling school leaders they want to see change, and rolling out a list to help keep kids safe and secure on campus. more than 100 parents showing up last night for a meeting at raymond j. fischer middle school just a month after the sandy hook tragedy. school leaders there say prevention is now priority one. police say they will explore different ways of protecting and securing those schools.
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some of the suggestions include putting up gates and fences, surveillance cameras and entry locks at some key points around the school. parents there feeling good change will come. >> i feel very confident. >> why? >> well, i think just the fact that they're having this meeting shows that they recognize how important it is, and how important it is to the parents and for the parents to be involved. >> coming up on february 4th, los gatos town counsel will hold a meeting whether it can change town code to restrict future firearm sales. happening now, the board of pilot commissioners is meeting for the first time since a tanker crashed into the bay bridge. the board's agenda does not include that crash, but board members could talk about the january 7th incident. it was foggy when that tanker sideswiped the bridge. there are also reports that faulty navigation equipment could have led to the crash. people who enjoy bearing all
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in san francisco now challenging the city's ban on public nudity today. activists filing a federal lawsuit claiming the ban violates their right to freedom of everything and expression. they want the court to issue an injunction against that ban which is set to take effect february 1st. city attorneys, they say the court has upheld nudity banses in other cities in the bay area. a hearing will be held in federal court this afternoon. we could find out today if the bay area's newest casino gets to open its penthouse gaming floor. san jose's police chief is stepping down tomorrow. but he has promised to make a decision about casino matrix's eighth floor before he leaves. the penthouse is designed to offer high-stakes gambling and a panoramic view of silicon valley. the chief, kris moore, has expressed concerns over the casino's ability to safely monitor activity on that top floor. >> all right. you and i have been talking about this all day. perfect timing. good weather, today is thursday, that means tomorrow is friday.
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christina loren is bringing it all for us. >> i am. and you know what, i'm looking, 10, 11 days out. it looks like as we get into next weekend and, ooh, after that we're going to get into a wet pattern. so, yeah, next saturday and sunday, looking to be very active. but this coming saturday and sunday, fantastic weather. you just can't beat it. california getting spoiled. 11:09 now, live look. hazy over the bay bridge this early, early morning. it's only 11:09, but your temperatures are climbing. 52 degrees in sunnyvale. 52 in gilroy. so the good news, we're already running about 3 to 4 degrees warmer and we're going to keep climbing this afternoon. temperatures getting close to the mid 60s, just about everywhere across the bay area. tomorrow we're going to be closer to 70 degrees. especially in the south bay we're getting our warmest readings and into the weekend, 70s at some beaches. in addition to that, the mavericks have been called. yeah. world-class surfing right here in the bay area. we're going to talk about your forecast for that coming up.
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and, of course, we're taking a sneak peek at the good-looking weekend ahead. >> i like that tease. more good news, too. we can work on our tans this weekend. >> i need it. >> all right. >> you and me both. thanks, christina. >> hardly. still ahead at 11, some precious metal gets the vip treatment. how the giants' world series trophies are traveling in style, just ahead. also, how did the health department reach your favorite san francisco restaurants? now yelp has an easy way to find out. we'll have that story coming up. silicon valley companies make the list of best places to work, but not very many. we'll take a look, coming up. whatever you're in the mood for,
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emotions will be running high at a movie theater in aurora, colorado this evening. the site of last summer's mass shooting. the theater will reopen tonight with a special remembrance ceremony. but not without protest. some of the victims' families
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are organizing a boycott of the event, saying it's just insensitive. 12 people were killed and dozens injured when a gunman opened fire last july. the suspect, james holmes, is awaiting trial. a 22-year-old marine recruit from san rafael was arrested this morning after he ran on to the tarmac at san diego's lind berg field. police say the man ran out on to the tarmac in terminal 1 and then tried to hide in a service vehicle belonging to the janitorial department. he was taken into custody just before 6:30 this morning. investigators say he may have come from the marine corps recruit depot near that airport. that incident did not cause any flight delays. as of this morning, every single dreamliner in the world is now barred from flying. japan's transportation vice minister says the planes will be grounded until the faa can complete all safety checks. an inspector in that country says a battery malfunctioned, forcing a dreamliner to make an
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emergency landing yesterday. the lithium batteries can leak corrosive fluid and start fires, which could be the main issue in many of the problems. ama which uses the dreamliner between san jose and japan will now be using a different plane starting tomorrow. yelp is allowing users to view a restaurant's health inspection scores to go with the star rating system. the san francisco health department participating with the online review site to launch this pilot program. people can now see the date and kind of inspections, as well as a list of violations. but some restaurant owners, they're concerned they'll be misinterpreted in the inspections or misrespected. >> the only problem may have been you have weathering on a seal in the refrigerator, never causing a hazard but something that should be replaced. but you'll get dinged for that. >> the system now allows city workers to upload the health inspection scores directly to
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yelp's database. san francisco, the first city to take part. the next to roll out is set for new york in a few weeks followed by philadelphia. scott mcgrew says the most important detail in that story is not what yelp is doing for san francisco but what san francisco is doing for yelp. >> san francisco, john, has been working hard to get its data out there, out into the world, where it can be useful on places like yelp. many cities either hide their data or at best don't bother to make the format something that people can use. but some americans cities like san francisco are pushing hard to make databases easier to read in a common computer language. expect more of that in the future. all right. "fortune" has a new list this week of best places to work. google topped it. number one in many ways. no surprise that google got tops. what is a surprise, how few silicon valley companies actually hit the top 20. so you've got google at number
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one. it's number six where you see the next one, hometown hero net app, number one last year. dream works animation on the peninsula gets 12th. and sales force 19th. so that's four out of the top twenty. if you're milwaukee, marla, that sounds like a great statistic. but we're used to dominating the top 20. so only four this year. >> not bad, though. overall. thank you, scott. the san francisco giants' world series trophies from 2010 and 2012 have taken flight. the two are in the air right now making their way to the big apple where the team originally started. our own bob redell got a sneak peek inside the virgin american flight before takeoff. >> reporter: of all the passengers on this morning's virgin america flight to jfk -- the most recognizable -- you heard about what's going to be on the plane. >> yes. >> reporter: couldn't be missed. sitting right there in first class, seat 1d. >> we're trying to get the trophy to as many places as
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possible. >> reporter: for the second time in three years, giants' president larry bear will be escorting the world series trophy aboard virgin america's aircraft for a victory tour to the place where the team started 131 years ago. >> more years in new york than san francisco. so we want to honor our past by taking the trophy to new york. there's a lot of giants fans there. >> reporter: and in the air. who will be allowed to snap pics of the hardware at 35,000 feet. >> we do it when at cruising altitude and calm air. >> reporter: so this wouldn't be in good in turbulence. >> right. >> i'm pretty excited. my son wants a picture. >> thought i was going to get some wi-fi going and some work done but i feel like maybe less work will get done today. i'm just like checked into facebook and told everyone what's happening. so i'm really excited. >> reporter: by the way, about that beer that's painted on to the nose of the plane -- >> i would say that's a generic beer. sergio romo? >> subject to your own interpretation.
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>> reporter: the interpretation being that that bearded airplane isn't the only thing up in the air. so is the status of the beard himself. brian wilson, who is a big question mark on whether or not he'll be returning to the san francisco giants. this trip coincides with buster posey's mvp ceremony, which is, sorry, in new york city. passengers are being encouraged to tweet their pictures of the trophy on board this flight. you can search the hash tag sfg trophy. b bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> not even baseball season and a lot to talk about. surf is way up in half boon bay this sunday. mavericks international -- or rather, mavericks invitational organizers say an incoming swell should deliver powerful 30 to 40-foot waves this weekend. for the first time in two years, 24 surfers from around the world are now on notice. the big wave competition kicks off at 8:00 a.m. sunday. the beach that fans usually flock to, though, will be
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closed. law enforcement will be blocking access to revent a repeat of fan washouts when waves knocked spectators off their feet. there will be a festival with big screens. and updates, of course, on the 49er playoff game will be provided. sonkts are you going to head out saturday night? you're going to be surfing or sunday morning? >> i'm not a water girl. i'm going to be on the couch. >> exactly. >> i'm going to be kaepernicking. >> why wouldn't you? >> strong. good guns. >> meteorologist christina loren. i don't know what to say. >> speechless. >> let's get to it this morning. if you wanted to hit the beach, we don't want you to go into the water. but it's going to be warm enough for a bikini, maybe some swim trunks out there on the warm sand. we've got a really good looking weekend shaping up. 54 degrees in livermore. look at your warming temperatures. just a beautiful day shaping up, except for the one wrench in our
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perfect forecast. spare the air day. unfortunately, unhealthy air quality in the north bay, central bay and east bay. but we're doing okay in the south central bay and south bay itself. so temperatures today much warmer than we have seen in about two weeks. 60 degrees in livermore. one of the coolest spots here, as we had that fog creep in from the delta will keep your temperatures down in places in the north bay. also fairfield and livermore, fog to start. but here in the south bay, look at our temperatures. 65 in gilroy today. 66 in san jose. and 66 degrees in santa cruz. high pressure is going to continue to build as we head through your friday. an even warmer day ahead. we're going to see more of the mid to upper 60s, be out of the 50s tomorrow. i think it's safe to say, our cold snap has concluded. which is great news. because we can all use a break. look at this. saturday, 72 degrees. the average high in santa cruz is 63 degrees. and i want to talk about what's causing those waves. we've got this massive storm system out in the eastern pacific. they're actually -- yeah, really
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watching this thing. it's not expected to make landfall anywhere. even not even going to take a ride on the jet stream and maintain its organization. but what it is doing, it's driving in these very substantial swells. so it all works out like this. as we get into your sunday, it's going to be down right dangerous to get into the water. high surf advisory in place. however, this is what we're expecting. 20 to 35-foot waves. and long period waves, as well. 20 to 25 seconds long. very dangerous to all swimmers and boaters out there. so much safer for you to stay about 100 feet away from the actual waves. that is what i'm suggesting. if you can, i'd say just stay out of the water all together as we head throughout the next few days with that swell coming in. monday to tuesday, we stay nice and comfortable. then it gets interesting. wednesday into thursday of next week, on shore flow comes back into the mix. that means we're going to see more cloud cover and we're looking at some showers as we finish off the week next week. next weekend, looking pretty rainy, both saturday and sunday. we will keep you updated. back to you, marla and john. >> i'm sure you're not the only
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one who has been speechless around christina before. sorry about that, christina. >> well-said. still ahead on nbc bay area news, stripped again. and this has nothing to do with the nudity ban in san francisco. lance armstrong now has to give something back after reportedly admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs. coming up next, "30 rock" followed by "access hollywood live" and at 1:00 watch "days of our lives" here on nbc bay area. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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lance armstrong has now been stripped of his bronze medal from the 2000 sydney olympics because of his involvement in doping. >> no shocker here. officials say the ioc sent a letter to armstrong, asking him to return that medal. armstrong's interview is going to be with oprah scheduled to air tonight and tomorrow night on her own network. oprah confirmed, armstrong does admit to using the drugs but for years the cyclist strongly
11:24 am
denying all allegations. last year he was stripped of his seven tour de france titles by the u.s. anti doping agency. >> and that saga continues. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service, now's a great time to get at&t u-verse tv.
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so rumors are swirling that tiger woods is trying to get back together with his ex-wife. >> yes, talking about elynn nordegren. >> the 37-year-old has offered her a prenup deal worth more than half of his $600 million fortune. she will reportedly consider the proposal if and only if it includes a $350,000 million anti cheating clause. >> really? >> the couple divorced in 2010 after tiger revealed he was a serial cheater and had a series of mistresses. not supposed to do that, tiger. >> nothing says i love you like 350 million. >> so reman particular.
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one day, sir, this whole city will be yours.
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oh, hey, can i talk to you? you always ruin everything. i have to apologize for him. he's been a bit tense since we found that i'm up for the g.e. chairmanship. yeah, that's why i'm here. i got a call from some lawyer today who was asking me what kind of boss you are, and who long i've known you, and what animal best describes you. what did you say? an eagle with the head of a bear. thank you. your respect means the world to me, lemon. i can't believe it's starting already. what is? g.e. is vetting me. they're trying to see if i have any skeletons in my closet. it's what they do with all the presidential candidates. do you think they'll find anything? oh, yeah. i've done some things, lemon. that's why i hired a private investigator to look into my own background. he'll spot any red flags before g.e. does, and that way i should be able to stay ahead of this. you hired someone to investigate yourself? that's weird. well, you do the same thing


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